Nathu’s wife lands up at All is Well Hospital

Nathu’s wife lands up at All is Well Hospital!


Nathu (Ali Asgar) who is trying his best to impress Dr Diya (Krishna Gokani) and is stopping at nothing to spend some quality time with her see her heading somewhere on her scooty. He decides to spend time with her under the pretext of getting dropped on her two wheeler. Ranbeer (Ather Habib) who overhears their conversations asks Nathu to go on his own. However Nathu is not the one to give up and tells Diya and Ranbeer that he is a dementia patient and it is unsafe for him to travel alone lest he forgets his way back.


Nathu goes on to narrate a fake story and tells them that 3 months back he went lost his memory for 11 days and went missing. He further adds that during this period he has no recollection of who looked after him and where was he, until Babloo spotted him at a market and took him home. Diya decides to drop him and when Nathu comes back to the hospital he brags about the time he spent with Diya which infuriates Ranbeer to no end and he decides to teach him a lesson. Soon a fisherwomen mother daughter duo enter the hospital looking for Nathu claiming him to be her son-in-law. The mother elaborates and tells everyone that Nathu lived with them for 11 days during which he got married to her daughter.


How will Nathu deal with this new problem? Will he get exposed and leave with the fisherwoman?


Ali Asgar who plays Nathu Nakabandi in SAB TV’s Woh Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle said, “The fight to win Dr Diya’s attention has intensified and both Nathu and Ranbeer are trying their best to outdo each other. Nathu is stuck in a situation when a fisherwoman turns up at the hospital claiming to be his wife. Nathu will now have to prove his innocence and win back Diya’s trust.”


To find out how Nathu proves his innocence tune in to Woh Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle every Monday to Friday, 10:30 pm only on SAB TV!

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