Talaaqpati patnikahotahai maabaapkanahi



Launching on Tuesday 18th November, Monday – Thursday at 10:30 pm

on Sony Entertainment Television

Mumbai, November 14:A relationship between a man and wife grows stronger when they become parents. Exploring the intricacies of human relationships, Sony Entertainment Television presents yet another modern and mature take on love and marriage with the launch of ItnaKaro Na MujhePyar. Featuring Ronit Roy and Pallavi Kulkarni Nerurkar in lead roles, the show aims at reinstilling faith in the institution of marriage. A unique love story, produced by Balaji Telefilms, ItnaKaro Na MujhePyar premieres on Tuesday,November 18 at 10:30pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

ItnaKaro Na MujhePyar is the story of a couple, Nachiket Khanna (Neil) and Ragini Patel, who are driven apart, ironically because of the intense love they shared. Neil, a doctor and Ragini, a nurse have four kids together but their marriage breaks due to a misunderstanding. Post the divorce, Neil moves to America with two of their kids and Ragini stays back in India with two kids. Over a period of time, staying away from each other has made Neil an indifferent man, whereas Ragini is still trying to run away from the ghosts of her past relationship. They are constantly reminded of their broken marriage because of the

children who are a sign of their past love for each other. However, fate has different plans sketched out for them and their children become the pivotal reason for them to start a new chapter in life. The story is now taken forward by the children, who attempt to bring together their separated parents and rediscover love after 15 years.

 Speaking about the show, Ajay Bhalwankar, Chief Creative Director, Sony Entertainment Television says,“It is always a pleasure to work with Balaji Telefilms as their concepts are unique, innovative and extremely relatable. ItnaKaro Na MujhePyar is bound to appeal to all our viewers with its engaging storyline and creative content. We are sure the audience will appreciate this unique take on love. Sony has been a pioneer in presenting mature love stories like Bade AccheLagteHain which have been immensely appreciated by the audience and ItnaKaro Na MujhePyar is another such show.”

Ekta Kapoor, Producer, Balaji Telefilms, said, “We at Balaji are really excited about our latest offering – ItnaKaro Na MujhePyar which explores the intricacies of human relationship. Through this show we are attempting to bring alive a unique love story between an estranged husband and wife. I am extremely delighted to extend our relationship with Sony Entertainment Television and I am sure ItnaKaro Na MuhjePyar will create magic on Indian television.” 

ItnaKaro Na MujhePyar is a heart-tugging story that is sure to strike the right chords with the viewers. The show not only marks Ronit Roy’s return to fiction after 3 years but also Pallavi Kulkarni’s comeback to television after 7 years. The other cast members include Darshan Pandya, Avinash Mukherjee, Induben Mehta, KirtiSualy, Jyoti Joshi, Falguni Desai, Aarav Patel, Rhea Sharma, Rohan Shah and Shilpa among others.

Rediscover love with ItnaKaro Na MujhePyar starting Tuesday, November 18, Monday – Thursday at 10:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

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