Youngsters can learn the virtue of patience from Sinhasan Battisi’s Vikramaditya

Youngsters can learn the virtue of patience from Sinhasan Battisi’s Vikramaditya


The popular and talented actor Karan Suchak who is seenportraying the role of King Vikramaditya in PAL’s popular show Sinhasan Battisi is thoroughly enjoying his experience of being a part of mythological saga. We met the actor who shared his thoughtson playing the mythological character for second time on television.

Tell us something about the king Vikramaditya?

Lord Indra had presented King Vikramaditya with a throne, which signified his character, his work and his achievements. Years later, Raja Bhoj came across the throne, which was guarded by 32 angels. When he attempted to sit on it, the angels started telling him the tale of King Vikramaditya and how he would also have to complete the same challenges before he could make the throne his. Each incident has been shot and will be narrated in an interesting story-telling manner in PAL’s Sinhasan Battisi.

How did you bag the role of King Vikramaditya?

Just when I had finished playing Drishtadhyumna in a show, I was offered the role of Vikramaditya in Sinhasan Battisi.

Which characteristics of Vikramaditya do you think that youngsters today must adapt?

Today’s youngsters should learn the virtue of patience from him. He was a righteous king, and very patient. He would never make a decision in anger. He would weigh the pros and cons, and always put his subjects before him. He was a warrior, but never believed in war.”

What do you think of the mythological shows on television?

I feel that the mythological shows have a different connect with the audience. When the audience are being told a story from history or mythology through a visual medium, they connect to it.

You wanted to become a cricketer, then how acting happened to you?

Acting was not on my mind as a career option. As a kid I did many plays and people did tell me that I should explore acting as an option. But I was always inclined towards sport and also played cricket for Gujarat at the state level. I guess it was destiny that I became an actor.

What are your interests?

I keep myself busy at all times. I spend most of my time working out in the gym which in turn helps me to be part of this industry. I am very passionate about my health, I make sure that I’m fit and fine. I play the keyboard and like to compose music. I am also very spiritual. I watch online videos and read books on spirituality. But we hardly get time to indulge in our interests now because of our busy schedule.

Sinhasan Battisi airs from Monday to Saturday, at 9.30pm, on new channel PAL.

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