Arise India enters Bhubaneswars organized market with ‘Arise One’

Arise India enters Bhubaneswars organized market with ‘Arise One’
Delivers entire Arise product folio to consumers and positive returns to investors

~ Enhancing positive brand imagery and providing the customers a delightful buying experience, ‘Arise One’ concept showcases an comprehensive product range under one roof ~

~ Will enhance productivity of investors, where they get an assured return of 25% annually ~

~ Will make the consumer shopping experience better by offering live experience of varied product folio on a common platform thus creating a never-seen-before shopping opportunity ~

Bhubaneswar (Orissa) – September , 2014: Arise India Ltd, the industry leader in electrical & electronic goods, in its effort to build positive brand imagery and create a brilliant shopping experience for the consumers enters the organized retail domain in Bhubaneswar with its ‘Arise One’ concept. Showcased via an interactive session hosted today at Hotel Swosti Premium, this Arise One concept seeks to deliver an entire portfolio of products to the consumers under one roof while ensuring handsome return on investments to the investors.

A reputed brand name with a diversified product portfolio, Arise has in over 30 years of business found acceptance amongst the majority of consumers and trade channels of the country. With today’s business models moving on from the traditional dealer/distributor channels onto consumer oriented channels, Arise senses this opportunity to create a new consumer shopping experience through ‘Arise One’. By displaying an entire product range on a common platform, Arise One will provide an experience to the consumers that will enable them to have a first-hand look into the products and thus make an informed buying decision.

One of the very few names who can claim a diverse portfolio of products, Arise has a product for every need. Showcased to the dealer community of Bhubaneswar here today, the ‘Arise One’ concept displayed the entire product folio headlined by an experiential demo zone featuring the Arise Divine 4.2 Boom LED TV with revolutionary features for AndroidTM. Creating a buzz with its pioneering features, the LED TV was showcased for the consumers for the first time and garnered great enthusiasm and positive feedback from the consumers and dealers alike.

Mr. Avinash Jain, Managing Director of Arise India Ltd, “With ‘Arise One’, we are redefining the next generation of the three way brand-channel-consumer interaction. Today the consumer & channel interaction with the brand has changed and to keep up with the times we also have to change our business model. Over the years, Arise India has found acceptance not only in the trade channel but in millions of households across the length and breadth of the country. It is this acceptance that we seek to build upon through our new trade initiative.”

“The need of the hour is to enhance the brand imagery and give customers a delightful buying experience at the point of sale. ‘Arise One’ is a step in this direction, with a vision to attain the premium positioning in the consumer mind-space. With Arise One, we are confident of strengthening our hold in the market and build upon the legacy which has helped us in becoming the most preferred electrical & electronic goods brand in the country”, he added.

About Arise One

Benefits for the Consumers
With a vision to attain a premium positioning in the consumer sales sector, ‘Arise One’ will create an altogether new paradigm in retail shopping. It will offer a comprehensive product range whilst showcasing the best products and services with extended warranty. Combining the best of products from its extensive product catalogue, ‘Arise One’ will offer a never-seen-before shopping opportunity to the consumers. Apart from store sales, Arise India in its effort to create a fresh new shopping concept will also operate on the e-commerce platform which will offer a direct interface between the consumers, the brand and the products.

Benefits for the Investors
Arise India boasts of huge network of dealers, distributors and channel partners. It is thus, to offer a new business opportunity to the trade channels, that ‘Arise One’ will bring in the concept of shop-in-shop stores. In an effort to build upon a brand legacy which the trade channels will be proud of, ‘Arise One’ will offer a revolutionary ‘Fantastic Five’ concept which is aimed to enhance the productivity of investors.

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