MOVIES NOW presents Showstopper: Ashton Kutcher

MOVIES NOW presents Showstopper: Ashton Kutcher

~Catch the star in his most iconic movies on Showstoppers every Thursday at 9pm~


Mumbai, September 2014: Witty, charming, goofy yet gorgeous; the King of romantic comedy – Ashton Kutcher – is back on MOVIES NOW, India’s home for the best Hollywood blockbusters. Don’t miss the suave, charming ladies’ man in his most iconic roles to date as he pumps up the glamour quotient every Thursday at 9pm all through September on Showstoppers: Ashton Kutcher

Starting 4th September 2014, Thursdays get hotter with Hollywood’s perfect 10. Catch the irresistible leading man as he lights up the small screen this September in What Happens in Vegas, Guess Who, No Strings Attached, and Just Married. Whether he’s witty, charming, goofy or steadfast, Ashton proves that he’s the perfect 10 and more, no matter the situation.


There’s nothing more dangerous to the heart than a boy with charm. And Ashton’s got it in spades. Watch him turn the tables on his unsuspecting friends-with-benefits partner, Emma and steal her heart in No Strings Attached.


Shakespeare said ‘Better to be a witty fool than a foolish wit’. No one knows this better than Ashton. Whether trading quips with his wife Joy or charming her boss and co-workers, Ashton shows that a sparkling wit is a man’s best defense when going for the million dollar jackpot inWhat Happens in Vegas.


A star’s most attractive feature is the ability to laugh at themselves and nobody can pull off an adorable goofball like Ashton. When the perfect honeymoon goes horribly wrong in Just Married, Ashton proves that a good sense of humor is the best way to salvage marital bliss and move from one happy snapshot to the next.


Behind every successful person is an iron determination. With the odds against him in Guess Who, Ashton proves that heaps of determination and a strong survival instinct can overcome obstacles (namely overprotective fathers-in-law) and win you the girl in the end.


Don’t miss Hollywood’s favorite leading man at his charming best in Showstoppers.


Catch Ashton Kutcher every Thursday only on MOVIES NOW!




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