Love by Chance narrates a side-splitting tale of two strangers

Cupid strikes… at a wedding

Love by Chance narrates a side-splitting tale of two strangers who find love at their ex’s wedding


Can love happen twice? It surely can, but who would think of falling in love on an unexpected occasion, liketheir ex’s wedding.The upcoming episode will narrate an amusing story of two people who bump into each other and eventually land up finding lost love


Smriti, a beautiful girl reaches her ex boyfriend’s wedding only with the intention of sabotaging his D day completely. Every time her plans go for a toss, as they are unintentionally ruined by Gaurav – a heartbroken boy, who is attending not only his ex girlfriend’s wedding but is also helping her family with the household chores. Depressed and envied by their past lovers’ marriage, the two, in an inebriated state decide to make the day memorable by completely ruining it.


Smriti and Gaurav’s mission is finally accomplished as they wreck up the entire wedding set up. But soon, their humanitarian side makes them feel guilty of their deeds, and they start restructuring the wedding set up altogether again. Amidst all this Smriti and Gaurav come closer.


Will Smriti and Gaurav succeed in putting up everything good together? Will the two give love another chance in their lives?


To find out, do not miss Love by Chance on 26th July, 2014 at 7pm, exclusively on bindass


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