Saawan Mein Shiv Ki Bhakti

Saawan Mein Shiv Ki Bhakti

BIG MAGIC Bihar & Jharkhand KE SANG!


~ The No.1 channel in the region presents a travelogue and a devotional tribute to the revered God this auspicious month of Shraavan! ~


Patna,In the Hindi Heartland, spirituality and devotion hold a special place in the hearts of adults and children alike. This auspicious month of Shraavan, BIG MAGIC Bihar & Jharkhand presents a specialoffering for Lord Shiva devouts! Starting 19th July, tune in to Bum Lahri every Saturday and Sunday at 6pm and starting 20th July – BIG Bole Bol Bum every Sunday at 6.30pm only on the region’s No.1 channel BIG MAGIC Bihar & Jharkhand!


Lord Shiva is one of the most celebrated Gods and a lot of places of religious importance house the shrine of Bholenath. Tour the most magnificent places of religious importance on a special show – BIG Bole Bol Bum. Take a virtual pilgrimagebetween Sultanganj and Deoghar starting 20th July every Sunday at 6.30pm. Any religious occasion is incomplete without soul-stirring devotional music. Hosted by renowned Bhojpuri actor Rajeev Mishra, catch Bum Lahri at 6pm and 8pm every Saturday and Sunday for melodious music in praise of your beloved Mahadev with celebrated artistes like Padamshree Sharda Sinha, Devi, Khesari Laal Yaadav and Gopal Rai etc.


~ Celebrate a Saawan only on BIG Magic Bihar and Jharkhand! ~


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