The Board of Directors of the Company has in its meeting held earlier today

Appointment of CEO & Managing Director Designate


The Board of Directors of the Company has in its meeting held earlier today appointed Mr Harish

Badami as CEO & Managing Director Designate with effect from August 1, 2014 to succeed Mr

Kuldip Kaura, whose term of office as CEO & MD of the Company was extended until December 31,


Mr Badami is a B. Tech from IIT Mumbai and an MBA from IIM Kolkata. He has over 25 years

experience in the Chemical Industry with leading Multinational Companies, ICI, Rohm & Haas/Dow

Chemicals and Celanese India. He was President & MD of Dow Chemicals during the period 2009 –

2011 and till recently the MD of Celanese India.


Mr Kuldip Kaura will demit office as CEO & MD of the Company with effect from August 13, 2014

and Mr Harish Badami will assume responsibility as CEO & MD of the Company from that date for a

period of five years. Mr Kaura will continue to be associated with the Company in the capacity of

Advisor to the Board.


Expressing the sentiment of the Board, Mr N S Sekhsaria, Chairman said “We are indeed very

pleased to have Mr Harish Badami on board and I am sure with his background and rich experience

he will lead ACC in the new phase of growth. I would like to thank Kuldip who steered ACC

admirably through the last few years when we were going through a low growth phase in the

economy. His “Institutionalizing Excellence” programme energized the organization with its focus

on cost competitiveness, logistics and customer excellence. All these learnings and improvements

in the past few years will continue to give sustainable advantage to ACC.”


Mr Kuldip Kaura, CEO & Managing Director said “I must thank the ACC Board for making me reboot

and giving me the opportunity to lead ACC. It has been a rewarding four years and we were able to

focus on operational excellence and building organisational health in terms of leadership pipeline,

capability development and bring in a new sense of innovation, pride and vitality in the

organization. With Jamul expansion coming on stream next year, ACC is now well poised to serve

the Indian market which is on the threshold of rapid growth. I thank the ACC Parivar and the

company’s leadership team for giving me their unstinted support and trust.”


Mr Harish Badami CEO & MD Designate said I am happy to be a part of an organization which

commands so much respect which has such a rich heritage, value system and an outstanding

brand that I admire. At this juncture, with the economy showing positive signs, I look forward to

the exciting opportunity to participate in its growth


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